What the ring symbolizes according to the finger you use

Many men have been choosing to wear rings for years. And we are not talking about the classic wedding rings, but about the simple ring that adds to their overall style.

The truth is that the rings on the male fingers send out a message like the social status of the man who wears them, wealth, devotion or commitment.

But did you know that the ring gets different meaning, depending on the finger where you wear it?
In the right or left hand?

The hand does not play such a big role, except for wedding rings. The Orthodox usually wear the wedding ring on their left hand, while the wedding ring on the right. On the contrary, Catholics always wear their wedding ring on their left hand.

Generally, the right hand is considered to be the active and dominant hand with which we shake hands, while the left hand represents our character and our beliefs. These perceptions, of course, have prevailed from the right-handed, so a left-handed man can reverse them.

On the little finger

A ring at this point is a sign of dependence on business and personal relationships. It also expresses the relationship that one has with himself. Wearing a ring is a sign of honor, but wearing numerous rings is usually a sign that the person wearing has a low self esteem and wants to attract the attention of others. Of course, there is the (non-existent) view that in the little finger their rings are worn by mafiosos. The little finger is somewhat isolated from the rest of the body, resulting in a ring there, drawing even more attention.

On the interlock

The finger is the finger wearing our wedding rings. In the Orthodox religion, we wear the engagement ring on the left-hand side, while on the right we wear it after the wedding, stating that we are committed. Wedding rings are usually gold or silver and simple, without much. Symbolically, the paradise is linked to the sun, the source of creation and beauty and to romantic relationships, hence its use as the finger of commitment.

On the middle gold ring for men finger

The middle finger is the largest, but it is not often the case for men to wear a ring on it because it is next to the marker male wedding rings and a ring prevents manual work (that's why those who wear, prefer thin mens ring rings). However, those who wear a ring on middle finger, feel confident and confident, because it is at the most central and fixed point of their hand mens wedding rings while giving masculinity. Also, the ring can not be mistaken as a wedding ring. It symbolizes our goal in life, our characteristics, the secrecy, the things that are most important to us and materialism.

On the index

All of us have a tendency to keep the pointer "clean", as it is the finger we use more than the rest, but in fact a ring on the index does not affect our movements. In the past, the index was the usual finger where men used to wear their rings. The index is the best place to wear a family heirloom and shows a dynamic man with leadership abilities and ambitions.

To the thumb

In most societies, the ring on the thumb is a sample of wealth and influence, while it is preferred by men who wear many rings together. The thumb is cut off from the rest of the fingers and so the hand does not look loaded if you carry 2 or 3 rings together. The gestures that include the thumb (such as "thumbs up" - thumb means thumb in English), have to do with friendship and interpersonal relationships, so if you wear a ring on your thumb, you are an optimistic and social man who gives priority to his friendships.
What to watch out for

Men who wear rings are confident and feel comfortable and confident in their style. They know how to attract attention with discretion and stand out.

What you need to remember to avoid a "loaded" look is not to carry many rings together in the same hand (eg if you are married, if you want to wear another ring in your mens wedding rings right hand, prefer the thumb, otherwise wear it on the left Also, do not put more than 2 rings in your hand that you wear your watch because the result will be too much and you do not want it).

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